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 Representing the result of over 35 years of advanced design and applications experience in temperature and process industrial control. Eurotherm invites you to browse the most complete family of temperature and process controllers, indicators, power controllers, actuators, sensors, recorders and allied units available from anyone.

Process Control

3216 Temperature / Process Controller

  • QuickStart set-up enabling 'out of the box' operation
  • Expert configuration via PC wizard with online help
  • Quick and easy commissioning - no need for expert knowledge
  • Clear information of process with scrolling, custom messages
  • Custom alarm messages for easy understanding
  • Recipe selection from operator interface
  • Internal timer and setpoint programming
  • Instant indication of heater faults with integral ammeter
  • Remote setpoint - solution for multi-zone applications
  • The innovative 3216 controller offers precision control of temperature and other process variables together with a host of advanced features not normally found in this class of controller.

    The emphasis is on simplicity and ease of use. A simple 'QuickStart' code can be used to configure all the functions essential for controlling your process. This includes input sensor type, measurement range, control options and alarms - making 'Out of the Box' operation truly achievable. If you prefer, you can specify what you need at point of order and we will ship the unit preconfigured to your requirements.

    In operator mode every parameter has a scrolling text message describing its function and is available in English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. More advanced features are configured using iTools, a PC based configuration wizard which is easy to use and an instructive guide to all the functions in the controller.


    iTools is a versatile suite of software tools to allow configuration and monitoring of all Eurotherm 2000 and 3000 Series and Mini8 controllers. It also provides runtime monitoring of the 6000 Series graphic recorders. It is capable of editing, storing and ‘cloning’ complete controller configurations as well as setting up data logging, process monitoring and Ethernet and modem connections.

    Graphical Wiring Editor

    The Graphical Wiring Editor uses a simple ‘drag and drop’ graphical interface to simplify the configuration of 3500, Mini8 controller, 2604 and 2704. Terminal wiring dynamically maps the rear terminal panel setup to the current instrument configuration.

    View Builder

    View builder allows creation of customized screens to provide a simple visualization of your process.

    OPC Server

    The OPC® Server can connect to remote instrumentation via the internet and read and write values to supervisory packages such as Wonderware® or LabVIEW™.

  • OPC Data Access 2 server
  • Modbus TCP to Modbus serial gateway
  • Remote PC access internet/intranet to iTools OPC server
  • Automatic network scanning and device detection
  • Can integrate any Modbus RTU communicating device
  • Includes advanced communication diagnostic and monitoring tools
  • Following options via a software code:

    • Open OPC Server for use by 3rd party software
    • Trends enabled (OPC Scope)
    • View builder
    • Standalone setpoint programmer editor
    • Foreign language support
    Data Loggers  

    nanodac™ Recorder / Controller

    The nanodac™ recorder/controller offers the ultimate in graphical recording and combined with PID control for a box of its size. The compact ¼ DIN panel mount unit offers up to eight high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control. This secure data recording device with accurate control is enhanced with the addition of a dual-channel set point programmer and a full complement of digital communications options.

    The Eurotherm nanodac controller / recorder has been recognised as setting a trend for innovation and ease of use. The nanodac features in Trend100, a list of the best new automation products published by SPS Magazine.A special edition of the magazine, the Automation Atlas 2011, records the editor's favourite 100 products from the past 12 months with a focus on those that are innovative and user-friendly.

     The 6000 Series offer unrivalled input accuracy with a 125ms total sample rate for up to 48 input channels. Input channels are freely configurable to suit your process requirements. Each instrument has an intuitive, touch screen display to enable operators to clearly view process data in varying formats. All have onboard Flash data storage capability, Ethernet communication and choice of Compact Flash or SD Card. Data is stored in a tamper-resistant binary format that can be used for secure, long term records of your process. The 6000 Series is truly designed for todays networked world and can be accessed via a Local Area Network, dial-up connection, Intranet or Internet.
    Power Controllers  
    Eurotherm is recognized worldwide for the excellence of its power and temperature control products. For the control of electrical heating or other switching applications, Eurotherm has a range of SCR Power Controller assemblies to suit every need. Whether the load is constant or variable resistance, inductive or transformer coupled, single or three phase, Eurotherm has an SCR assembly to meet your exact requirements. The standard product line has current ratings up to 1800A, but application specific units can range up to several thousand amps with external driver options.
    Motor Control  
    The 650 and 650V series is a family of ac drives that provide a no-fuss, cost effective solution for the simplest to most complex open-loop ac motor control applications. The 650 has single key selectable preprogrammed applications so set-up is quick and easy without unnecessary complications. In addition the 650V has the added benefit of an ultra-high torque sensorless vector algorithm and the control flexibility of fully configurable Function Block Programming. Powers are available up to 110kW on 400V three-phase supplies and 45kW on 230V supplies and all units are available with integral EMC compliant filters.
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