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Fairchild Industrial Products Company manufactures precision, high quality pneumatic and electro-pneumatic industrial control components for leading manufacturers. For more than 50 years, Fairchild have designed and manufactured one of the largest varieties of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control devices available for process, machine tool, robotic, OEM and other applications. Fairchild also offer reliable power transmissions and repair services under their Specon product line

 A wide selection of pressure ranges and flow capacities let you specify the model that exactly meets the needs of instrument or general industrial control application. Engineering and manufacturing excellence assure the sensitivity, accuracy, low output droop, drift-free settings, and immunity from supply pressure variations required in a precision pressure regulator.

High capacity, fast response and stability are important features of these volume boosters. A wide range of signal to output pressure ratios, pipe sizes, and flow capacities provide a versatile selection to meet your specific needs. All units have a balanced supply valve, the ability to add gages and the option to add a tapped exhaust to most models.
These precision I/P, E/P, D/P & P/I transducers are accurate, compact, lightweight and have fast response. The extensive combinations of inputs and outputs available let you make the ideal choice for your control applications. Most models carry standard agency approvals and many are approved for outdoor, explosion-proof and intrinsically safe applications.
This extensive line of relays serve a multitude of control applications: positive biasing, positive and negative biasing, infinitely adjustable ratio, reversing, averaging and computing, high and low pressure selectors, and high and low pressure limiting.
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