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The Foxboro business unit of Invensys is a leading supplier of instruments, systems, and services for industrial process automation. These solutions typically include intelligent field instrumentation, automation systems, and advanced software applications, plus comprehensive engineering, maintenance, and training.

Today, Foxboro works along with Avantis, SimSci-Esscor, Triconex. Wonderware, APV, Eurotherm and other leading Invensys brands to provide customers with the most comprehensive and well-integrated solutions available from a single automation vendor.

IAP10, IAP20, IGP10, IGP20, IGP25, IGP50
Absolute & Gauge Pressure Transmitters. Foxboro's intelligent, two-wire pressure transmitters measure absolute pressure and transmits a 4-20 mA, 1 to 5 Vdc, or digital output.

IDP10, IDP25, IDP50
Differential Pressure Transmitters. Since 1948 when Foxboro invented the first d/p cell transmitter, their differential pressure transducers and transmitters have become industry standards. Today their IDP Series intelligent two-wire transmitters are still leading the industry with a complete offering of measurement ranges, static pressure ratings, materials, analog and digital communications, and premium performance.
IMV25, IMV30, IMV31
Foxboro’s multivariable pressure transmitters developed by Foxboro supply pressure, differential pressure and temperature measurement in a single instrument, taking full advantage of digital communications for multiple measurements.

Using Invensys multivariable transmitters, you can minimize the number of transmitters and process penetrations and see significant savings for purchase, installation and maintenance.

Key Benefits

  • Works as a pressure, differential pressure and temperature transmitter
  • Reduced process penetrations
  • Choice of electronic modules
  • Long-term stability
84, CFS10, CFS20, IMT96, 8000A, 9100A, 9200A, 9300A, IMT25, 4700S
Whether you are looking for the most innovative mass flow meters to solve your entrained air problem, a vortex flow meter that is the proven choice for meeting many of the accuracy, dependability, and cost challenges of your process, a magnetic flow meter to solve your most challenging flow problem, or a flow tube for your most conductive fluids (including hard-to-handle liquids and slurries), Foxboro is your one-stop for flow measurement solutions. Foxboro offer a complete line of analog and digital flow meters. Look also for their workhorse magnetic instrumentation with ac excitation or our FlowExpert software for easy sizing and selection.

 Flow Sizing Program

875, 873, 876PH, 870IT, 871CC, 871CR, 871DO, 871A, 871PH, 871EC, ORP10
For more than 40 years, Foxboro has supplied robust, accurate, high quality liquid analytical instrumentation to a wide range of industries, such as chemicals, food and beverage, pulp and paper, metals, semiconductor, power generation, water and waste, and many others. These instruments include pH meters, pH sensors, pH analyzers, and conductivity sensors.

Foxboro temperature transmitters provide reliable and dependable solutions for the most demanding temperature applications in the process industry.

These reliable transmitters increase the availability of your plant while reducing the cost of ownership through diagnostics, easy configuration tools and unmatched performance.

Key Benefits

  • Long-term temperature measurement stability
  • Self-diagnostics and self-calibration
  • One unit configurable for all T/C/RTD, mV and Ω inputs
  • Wide range of communications protocols


752R, 763R, E27R, 740R, 6100AF, 6180AF
Foxboro electronic panel- and field-mounted instrumentation includes a full range of products for controlling, recording and indicating process variables.
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