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CALOG-Loop II is a handheld calibrator with functions to install and maintain all powered and non-powered milliamp loops. Its small size, rugged design, rubber protective boot, high precision and Li-ion long-lasting rechargeable battery pack makes it ideal for industrial field calibration. Data may be logged to the removable SD card in CSV format, with user-selectable data fields and timebase. Logged data may also be retrieved via the USB port. CALOG calibrators comply with CE and C-Tick EMC and EMI and Low Voltage directives.

  • Small, rugged, handheld with a protective rubber cover
  • Graphic display of measured value, percent and battery status
  • Measure, source and simulate 0-24 mA with 0.01% accuracy and 1 microamp resolution
  • Linear, Flow and Valve stroking functions
  • Increment, Step, Auto Step and Ramp modes
  • Measure 32V with 0.005% accuracy and 1mV resolution
  • Continuity test function
  • Trend logging with programmable timebase
  • Data logging to removable SD card with time and date
  • USB port for access to logged data
  • Displays values in mA and % or % and mA
  • Programmable auto-off, restart at last setting and selectable display resolution
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable battery pack with 'fuel gauge' chip
  • Carry case, battery charger, SD card, test leads and factory calibration certificate
  • 1 year material and workmanship guarantee (excludes batteries)



Technical Specifications: Loop II Calibrator
Analogue Input Ranges Impedance Accuracy Resolution
0 to 24 mA Input Impedance ± 1Ω, 250mA Fused 0.01 % 1 µA
0 to 32 V Input Impedance ±110 kΩ 0.005 % 1 mV
Continuity with 100 Ω trigger and 1 mA excitation with visual and audible confirmation
Analogue Output Ranges Load Accuracy Resolution
0 to 24 mA Output load max 500 Ω 0.01 % 1 µA


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