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Phastite - a breakthrough in tube connections.

Parker Instrumentation proudly introduces Phastite, a revolutionary development in tube connectors for medium pressure and applications currently served by welding and cone-and-thread fitting technologies, where 'peace of mind' is vital.

Phastite (no ferrule) connectors provide a permanent, high integrity connection which can be assembled in seconds - with no  skill required - for a 'right first time' leak free connection thanks to a simple tool.

Phastite's simple assembly process dramatically reduces the number of operations needed to assemble a leak free joint and as  the fittings are supplied pre-assembled, assembly errors are eliminated.



> Applications

  • High pressure test equipment
  • High pressure hydraulics
  • Deepwater oil and gas drilling
  • ROV's and subsea equipment
  • Laboratory testing
  • High pressure machinery such as water-jet cutters and sprinkler systems
  • Remote/unmanned plant and wellheads
  • Shipbuilding

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