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Minimising Instrumentation Fugitive Emissions using New Parker Valves and Manifolds

 > Work safer

As pressure grows to comply with environmental standards, Parker Instrumentation has developed a new ultra-low emission valve and manifold range that meets the most stringent constraints on fugitive emissions.

The ISO 15848 standard sets a requirement for zero emissions for processes involving volatile air pollutants and hazardous fluids. There are three leakage classifications specified by the standard: A, B and C. Meeting any of these low levels is a challenge.

Parker Instrumentation has solved this by taking its high quality monoflange and ProBloc flange-ended double block and bleed manifolds – already designed for minimal leak paths – and re-engineered the integral needle and ball valves. The valve designs meet the highest ‘A’ classification level, over the temperature range -29 to +180 degrees Celsius, and the standard instrumentation manifold working pressure.

> Think smarter

This combination of new techniques and innovative seal design delivers impressive results. For example, if the two ball valves and one needle valve in a 10mm bore ProBloc meeting ISO 15848 were to leak helium at their maximum permitted rates for the year, the total leakage would be 16.75 cm3. That’s less that the 17.16cm3 occupied by the average walnut…

How can these new ultra-low emission valves and manifolds help your company?

  • Compliance with highest classification of ISO 15848 standard
  • Savings in space and weight
  • Cost savings from reduced wastage of material
  • Cost savings from reduced wastage of operational energy
  • Unique combination of complementary sealing methods




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