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WIKA Australia Pty Ltd is the Australian subsidiary of the world's leading manufacturer of pressure and temperature instrumentation, both mechanical and electronic. We manufacture and distribute pressure gauges, diaphragm seals, pressure transmitters/transducers and pressure switches as well as thermometers, thermocouples, RTDs, thermowells, analogue and digital temperature transmitters. Portable hand held pressure indicators as well as precision pressure indicators/controllers, deadweight testers and other calibration equipment is also part of our product range on offer. NATA laboratories in Sydney for metrology and heat/temperature provide and support local certification of instrumentation.

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111.10, 111.16, 213.53, 212.20, 232.50, 233.50, 232.30, 233.30, 312.20
 Dial indicating pressure gauges for gauge, absolute, and differential pressures having Bourdon tube, diaphragm, capsule or bellows type pressure sensing elements. Scale ranges from 2.5 kPa ... 400 MPa can be supplied having accuracies from 0.1%. Vacuum and compound ranges are also available. Individual instruments can be fitted with additional mechanical or electrical accessories or fitted to a variety of diaphragm seals.

A-10, S-10, S-11, UT-11, F-10
Pressure transducers and pressure transmitters for gauge, absolute and differential pressure having piezoresistive, magnetic field dependent and inductive sensors, as well as thin film sensors are available within our comprehensive product range. Accessories such as digital and analogue displays and recording equipment, as well as pressure calibration systems can also be supplied. 
WIKA is able to offer the full range of RTD's and thermocouples for the process or OEM markets in a wide variety of designs, supplied with or without temperature transmitters and/or thermowells. Temperature transmitters for both resistance thermometers and thermocouples are available in fixed range analogue and programmable digital format. The programmable versions are configured from easy to use Windows based software and the latest versions are available with HART protocol. A range of digital displays and indicators is also available.
AA-575R, AA-375R, BC-550R, BC-350R, GT-300R, GT-500R, GT-200, LN-250R, GT-100, PT-50
Tel-Tru has established a reputation for producing thermometers that are the world standard for quality workmanship and accuracy. Our focus today, as it was in 1916, is to meet customers' requirements with quality products, leading technology, and responsive service. We have the largest selection of bimetal ranges and configurations available in the industry.
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