ABB AW400 Residual Chlorine Monitor


Residual chlorine is one of the most important measurements for the effective monitoring of cooling, potable and industrial water treatment processes. The AW401 residual chlorine monitor controls and monitors residual chlorine levels accurately and affordably.


The AW401 design enables connection of up to 3 residual chlorine monitoring sensors to the system or enables pH, ORP and residual chlorine sensors to be combined, thus reducing the cost of each measurement considerably.


  • Total and free residual chlorine measurement – add potassium iodide to reagent to convert free chlorine measurement to total chlorine
  • Reagentless operation – reduced operating costs with reagentless operation at a pH of 7.5 or less
  • Multiple sensor input capability – reduced installation costs for multiple point monitoring operations
  • Self-cleaning sensor assembly – prolongs sensor life and maintains accuracy

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