Magnum Pro M-80 low volume pressure chamber


Capable of extremely high resolution (0.005 psi) as it spans the range of near absolute vacuum to low pressures (30″ Hg to 80 psi). It’s rugged outer housing and dual o-ring design ensures zero leakage. The M-80 is bench mountable, though it’s relatively light weight (3.5 lbs) allows for it to be carried out into the field for use as well. Positively the best connection you could have!


  • Extremely high resolution
  • Excellent stability for low pressure calibrations
  • Patented optional power drive
  • Dual O-Rings
  • 2 year “quibble free” warranty


  • Near absolute vacuum (30″Hg to 80psi)
  • Resolution 0.0005psi
  • Weight 3.5lbs
  • Bench mountable
  • M-80KT version includes rechargeable lithium batteries


  • M-80: Standalone
  • M-80KT: Kit includes a portable handheld power drive with rechargeable lithium battery and charger

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