Wika 990.10 Diaphragm Seal with Threaded Connection


Due to its design, the Wika model 990.10 diaphragm seal with threaded connection can be used universally. A replacement of the lower body is possible (e.g. when changing the process connection) without having to carry out modifications on the diaphragm seal system.


For the material selection WIKA offers a variety of solutions, in which the upper body, the diaphragm and the lower body can be made of identical or different materials. The diaphragm and the lower body can also be offered coated or covered with foils.


The model 990.10 WIKA diaphragm seal is particularly well suited for aggressive or hot media. This instrument is mainly geared to applications in the process industry.


  • Process connection with thread to provide for direct threaded connection
  • Version with internal diaphragm, diaphragm seal parts screwed together
  • Large selection of process connections and materials

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