A broad range of sensing systems apply sensor technologies directed at specific application challenges. Flowing junction technology is used specifically for pure waters, whereas solid-polymer and solid-matrix sensors are used in aggressive process streams. High-temperature electrodes for applications up to 140 °C, while flat glass promotes self-cleaning efficiency in highly fouling media.

Conductivity analysers designed to meet the most exacting requirements of our valued customers. The extensive range covers 2 and 4-wire analysers and single or dual-input devices. Instruments are available with HART, Profibus PA or DP, and Foundation Fieldbus communications capabilities.

Whether you are measuring oxygen in a steam generating plant or a water treatment works, ABB has an analyzer to suit your needs. Low level analyzers for high purity water treatment applications and high level systems for monitoring high level ppm dissolved oxygen measurement in rivers, wastewater treatment and process waters.

Low and high range turbidity & total suspended solids sensors for wastewater and industrial processes

ABB’s Navigator 600 Silica analyser substantially cuts the costs and maintenance associated with silica monitoring in power generation and other large-scale steam and water dependent applications.

The Navigator 500 Sodium analyser provides a continuous measurement of the sodium ion concentration in demoralisation plants and in the steam / water cycle of steam-raising plants.

The Navigator 500 Hydrazine analyser provides a continuous measurement of the level of hydrazine in boiler feedwater, enabling the chemical dose to be controlled automatically. This avoids both the expense associated with overdosing and the costly corrosion damage caused by under-dosing.

The Navigator 600 phosphate analyzer provides reliable and highly accurate measurement of phosphate dosing in steam-raising boiler systems.

ABB AW400 Residual Chlorine Monitor

The AW401 design enables connection of up to 3 residual chlorine monitoring sensors to the system or enables pH, ORP and residual chlorine sensors to be combined.

ABB Aztec AW631 Aluminium Analyser

The Aztec 600 aluminium analyzer provides reliable and accurate measurement of residual aluminium to improve drinking water quality and optimise chemical usage.

ABB Aztec AFM631 Fluoride Analyzer

The Aztec 600 fluoride analyzer provides reliable and highly accurate measurement of fluoride concentrations to enable precise control of water fluoridation.

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