TelTru AA575R Adjustable Angle Thermometer

Temperature gauges operate on the gas-actuated, bimetal or expansion principle. They can measure temperatures between -200 … +700 °C. All instruments are also suitable for operation in thermowells.

ABB SensyTemp TSP300 Temperature Sensor

Temperature sensors for all industrial applications. Available in a wide range of materials and process connections to suit all requirements. Available with head mounted transmitters.

ABB TTF300 Field-Mount Temperature Transmitter

Temperature transmitters ranging from din rail & head mount transmitters to field mount transmitters with wireless technology. Available for hazardous area locations.

UE 100 Series Temperature Switch

Temperature switches suitable for gas, liquid and ambient applications.Switches constructed for general purpose and hazardous area locations.

ABB TWS400 Thermowells

Thermowells for demanding operating conditions both in solid-machined versions from solid-body material and in fabricated versions with tubular design. Available with a wide range of process connections.

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